Zune Car Pack

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Zune Car Pack
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The Zune Car Pack includes everything you need in order rock out on the road with your Zune device. The Zune FM Transmitter can wirelessly broadcast the music that is playing on your Zune to your car stereo. Set up is simple with AutoSeek, which automatically finds the right station for you. Just tune your car stereo to the FM station displayed and you?ll be instantly connected. The Zune Car Charger plugs into a car?s lighter adapter so you can charge your Zune while listening to music or using the Zune FM Transmitter. An integrated status indicator in the Car Charger prevents you from using up your car?s battery and its coiled cable makes it easy to store. Zune FM Transmitter. Designed exclusively for use with Zune, the FM Transmitter with AutoSeek lets you wirelessly listen to music through your car?s stereo through the FM radio Zune Car Charger. The Car Charger lets you charge your device in your car. Charge while listening to your favorite music and even while using the Zune FM Transmitter with AutoSeek

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