TiVo TCD648250B Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder

Digital Media Recorder

TiVo TCD648250B Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder
From TiVo

Excellent evolutionary product
I've been overall very impressed with this unit. So far, very few problems. Most of the other reviews have hit on the main pros/cons, so I'll just add some of my observations.

Background: Bought this to replace my elderly ReplayTV after I upgraded to digital cable, and it didn't like that much at all. My current setup is a nice Toshiba HD flat panel, sony home theater and a dvd player; I got cablecards to replace the ridiculous digital cable box, and those seem to work very well. I also got a Tivo wifi adapter (overpriced, but worth it for me). I now use the Tivo as my only cable box, since the cable box was component out and this is HDMI.

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