Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Transforming Fashion Doll


Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Transforming Fashion Doll

First week this was out it was on my daughter's wish list and was received as a gift - in intial descriptions of the toy there was no mention of the body of the doll (hips/leg) being unlike your traditional Barbie. The torso of the doll under the long skirt (not mentioned in descriptions nor pictured on the box) are one solid piece - holding the bulky sound/light box which were the selling feature of this toy to my tot. Upon opening we were soon disappointed to learn this Barbie would never be able to be interchangable into other Barbie outfits that were not loose flowing on the legs like the dress she comes in and the legs are not flexible. Her bodice, as seen in box, is painted on so even removing the skirt for another Barbie would mean finding another top to wear with it. She can bend to sit but will fall over backwards as her legs are a very lightweight plastic and the top is more top-heavy. Weeks after this was released we began seeing the version that does not light up but has an almost identical dress which is removable and has the traditional Barbie body with all it's versatility and flexible joints.

Overall a beautiful idea - stunning gown and facepaint. But if this was the final model that would accept the lights/sound features going for it should have been clearly stated by Mattel that it was not underneath a traditional Barbie. She is only good in this one outfit.

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