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Miyo Baby Hammock White

Miyo Baby Hammock White
From Miyo Baby Hammock

The Miyo Baby Hammock is an alternative to bassinets and traditional infant cribs. The hammock offers the baby the next best thing to being in the womb by gently cradling the infant in a cocoon-like bed and gently swaying them to sleep. Made of 100% natural cotton, the hammock can be set up three different ways: with the optional Miyo Hammock Stand, the optional Love Handle Door Clamp or the included ceiling mounts. It can be used throughout the house or take it with you when you travel. The gentle swaying motion quickly eases even the most colicky baby to sleep and aides in relieving reflux symptoms. Being a soft bed offers additional benefits such as preventing flat heads, encourages proper spinal development and ensures that the baby stays on their back as recommended by physicians to help reduce instances of SIDS. It also includes a mattress.

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