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Toshiba SD-P91S 9-Inch Portable DVD Player

Toshiba SD-P91S 9-Inch Portable DVD Player
From Toshiba

Conveniently portable and versatile, traveling with your favorite DVDs and CDs is a breeze with the SD-P91S. You can even connect this to an external monitor/television or use the SD-P91S screen and speakers as the display device for a digital camera or camcorder by connecting it to the A/V port. It also plays all versions of DivX video (including DivX 6) with standard playback of DivX media files. If you want to give your eyes a rest and listen to some tunes instead, the SD-P91S DVD player handles lots of the most popular audio formats around, including CDs, MP3 - CD, CD-R/RW discs and WMA files. Swivel and Flip Screen 24bit Audio DAC with 192kHz Processing Dolby Digital/DTS (Coaxial) Output Plays MP3 and WMA formats DivX Certified JPEG Viewer Features - Video Adjustments (Brightness, Color) and Zoom Mode Connections - A/V Mini Jack Input, A/V Mini Jack Output, Digital Coaxial, 2 x Headphone jacks Approximate Unit Dimensions - 9.45 (W) x 1.26 (H) x 6.69 (D)

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