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Canon ES2 Compact Photo Printer (2096B001)

Canon ES2 Compact Photo Printer (2096B001)
From Canon

This printer has worked flawlessly and produced some great prints. The on screen controls and the easy loading paper\film pack are simple enough for a novice to use. No need to connect to a computer. Just insert the memory card from your camera, browse through your photos and then hit print. No ink, no mess, just great pics. The price per print is 27 cents but if we need a lot of prints we use Walmart or the photo printers at the local stores. For quick prints you can't beat the convenience.

I'd also suggest you buy a nice big compact flash card and a reader\writer to move your photos off the camera card. I bought one with 32Gbyte capacity and moved all my old photos onto one card. I keep a backup on the PC but with hard drive crashes and virus infections the compact flash makes a nice secure depository for all of our photos.

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